Prompt!Anon: Your first time performing

It was one of those hot summer nights, the nights when Megan hoped onto a strangers motorcycle and traveled. Once in a while she’d feel the need to escape and go someplace new. It was probably around 3 am on a Friday night, although she could have been wrong. With the steady supply of alcohol being given to her for free by the flirty yet attractive bartender, it could have been morning and she wouldn’t have known. Megan was swinging her legs back and forth on the bar stool, swaying to the beat of whatever song was being blasted through the speakers. Suddenly the music stopped and a lady in a skimpy dress clambered on stage, asking if anyone wanted to sing a song. Megan had always enjoyed singing, but she had never dared perform in front of a crowd, never believing that a girl like her could ever succeed if she chased that dream. But tonight was different; she was different. Carefully sliding off the stool she wobbled in her red stilettos onto the stage, accepting the mic form the woman. The lights were dim and her head was spinning, but she had never felt more alive. The rush that came with being on stage was exhilarating, and Megan couldn’t get enough. Her palms were sweating as she took a breath, closing her eyes.

"I’ve been out on that open road

You can be my full time, daddy

White and gold

Singing blues has been getting old

You can be my full time, baby

Hot or cold”

Her palms were sweating and her heart was beating double time, but she was at peace. It was like she belonged on stage. 

"Don’t break me down

I’ve been travelin’ too long

I’ve been trying too hard

With one pretty song”

Once she reached the chorus, it felt like she had spent her entire life on that bar’s stage, preforming for drunken strangers, living her life.

"I hear the birds on the summer breeze, I drive fast

I am alone in the night

Been tryin’ hard not to get into trouble, but I

I’ve got a war in my mind

So, I just ride

Just ride, I just ride, I just ride”

She was interrupted by the skimpy dress lady, asking for the mic back so the next person could preform. Megan had to blink a few times, taking it all in. It only felt like a few seconds she’d been singing. Laughing to herself, she stumbled off the stage and back to her stool, shooting the bartender a lazy smile and drinking the night away, remembering this as the start of her singing career.